CovidNSW: Positivity Rate by LGA

Last Updated: 2021-08-08

Data: NSW COVID-19 Tests Data

The data description says: “The data is for COVID-19 tests and is based on where a person has been tested and is undergoing public health management at the time of the test. A surge in the total number of people tested on a particular day may occur as the test results are updated in batches and new laboratories gain testing capacity.”

As a result, the numbers that I am reporting here each day, may not match the number that is reported by NSW Health on the daily number of tests. Basically, I am reporting the number of tests done each day while the number at the press conference is the number of tests processed the day before until 8pm.

Data is sourced from Data.NSW. You can access it here

Positivity Rate by LGA

I have only included the top 10 LGAs based on the number of cases since the start of the current outbreak.