CovidNSW: Testing Trends by LGA

This post will be regularly updated with data on the recent Covid-19 outbreak in NSW.

Last Updated: 2021-08-08

Data: NSW COVID-19 Tests Data

The data description says: “The data is for COVID-19 tests and is based on where a person has been tested and is undergoing public health management at the time of the test. A surge in the total number of people tested on a particular day may occur as the test results are updated in batches and new laboratories gain testing capacity.”

As a result, the numbers that I am reporting here each day, may not match the number that is reported by NSW Health on the daily number of tests. Basically, I am reporting the number of tests done each day while the number at the press conference is the number of tests processed the day before until 8pm.

Data is sourced from Data.NSW. You can access it here

A potential issue with the data

For some reason, the last data point seems to only report around half of the number of observations compared to the days before. As a result, I have marked them as Incomplete.

Tests Done vs. Tests Reported

See my post here on the difference between the two sets of testing data that NSW publishes and how you can use each of them to see how the situation is evolving across the state. here

Total Number of Tests

Covid-19 Testing Patterns across LGAs with at least one positive case

Here, I have the testing trends for all the LGAs with at least one positive case of Covid-19 as of the last data available by Data.NSW. By clicking on the LGA name in the legend area, you can select and plot the ones you are interested in.

Covid-19 Testing Per Capita across LGAs with at least one positive case

Covid-19 Testing per Capita in LGAs with the highest number of cases since July 1st, 2021


Just a reminder that administrative data such as this dataset need to be analysed and interpreset carefully since the data is not collected for the purpose of this analysis but to be used to manage the Covid-19 testing and contact tracing. I would add more plots to this post and will try to keep it regularly updated as future data points arrive.